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Oct. 15th, 2008

(no subject)

I kissed a girl and I liked it.

but I didnt LOVE it.

It was.. nice.

Ok I guess

But then what does it matter.. I'm just using racy lyrics to sell my song


Katy Perry


Come on in, its like waxing a vagina.. ok not really .. ewww.Collapse )

Sep. 23rd, 2008

I am going to kill myself.

- A movement, by DazCollapse )
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Aug. 18th, 2008

I'm gonna have A BF! (BitchFit)

Hi there,

I'm updating , here I go, watch me "update"!


Aug. 13th, 2008

Summer Heights High

Ok, so ruthless shallow plugging of a TV I know but it is so the best!

Its a well known fact in our house there are a multitude of Darrens living with Dwyn, Darren the Husband, Darren the angry mental person, but most prominently at the moment its Darren the australian bimbo.

I prance around talking to aldwyn in a screechy faux over the top aussie accent, I carry on and on and on until Dwyn has to ask for his Welsh husband back.  I guess I just love the accent, not normal aussie accents tho. Ozcom accents (Aussie comedy) Kath n Kim was a major factor and my fave housemate in Big Brother is Sara, so every night I'm treated to a dose of a screechy aussie voice and I love it!!  Where am I going with this?  Well lately a new show started, another Ozcom, its a mockumentary of australian school life focusing on 3 different perspectives all played by the same guy, I find so much in this funny cos its similar to uk schools, but with added accent!  The 3 perspectives are from that of Jonah Takalua (a 13yr old bad boy bully), Ja'mie (pronounced Jah-may) King a snobbish valley girl whose been transferred to Summer Heights for a semester from her Private schoolm and Greg Gregson aka Mr G the drama teacher who's the bitchiest failed actor who takes centre stage in his own classes.

The humour is dry and witty but also completely unpolitically correct, with lines such as

 "The last play I wrote was Tsunamarama, which was about the devastating effects of the Tsunami set to the music of Bananarama"

"Private school kids are more likely to succeed, go to uni and earn loads more money, whereas wife beaters and rapists are almost always from public schools.. sorry.. but its true."

<during a drama scene Mr G runs to a 10 yr old boy> "Thank god your here, Grandma's been raped!"

"I'm like the smartest non-asian in Year 11"

Jonah reminds me of our school bullies here but Ja'mie and Mr G are my faves.. here is a sample :

and Ja'mie

Aug. 23rd, 2007

8 Random Things about Me

 I'm not sure whether to put normal things in the list cos I'm too random.  Ah well.

1.  I pee in sinks.  Seriously if I've been to your house, I have definitely peed in your sink, some kind of urinal thing I developed about 7 yrs ago, but fear not I always rinse and never do a doody.

2.  I used to be quiet, I really did, it was between years 2 and 3 of primary school (ages 10-11) I realised I was funny and quirky, and I became comfortable in myself knowing that - that was my thing - the random guy.

3.  I lie compulsively about little insignificant things in order to build my life up to be a little bit more glam than what it really is.  i.e I can speak fluent spanish - no I cant, my spanish is B-grade at best but still, with my dad half spanish I felt I SHOULD be able to, so I stuck to it.

4.  I still even now imagine I have super powers - subtle things like flicking my finger and making a quiet woosh noise and in my mind I've actually made a car explode.

5.  I am a bit of a precog, I have a horrible habit of saying things on a whim only for them to happen several days/hours later.  I remember when I didnt want to go out with my friend, so I made up a lie that my dad was in hospital because he hurt his hand.  2 weeks later, dad DID have an accident, and lost 2 fingers and half a thumb, he spent 7 months in a hospital bed .. and yeah I still kinda feel like I'm to blame.

6.  Me and dwyn play several games together, ones relationship isnt fulfilled unless you play "Don't tickle the dead", "Its MY noo-noo" and the infamous "Come under the covers, I'm cold."

7.  I have a humongous Tina Turner obsession that is the worst kept secret.  4 yrs ago every single toast I've made since then has always been first and foremost, to Tina. 

8.  I did have an alter ego.  Back in the day me and my mates would dress up in drag and become "SlutStarS" consisting of Miffy, Brenda and myself (Rhonda), this was back when I was "straight" and my only gay outlet, weirdly enough those who knew Rhonda were shocked to hear I was Gay.  Since I came Out Rhonda's only seen the light of day like 2wice on super special occasions, I figure once I came out I didnt need her anymopre so I tell people she's in a diabetic coma until I get my own show.  Out of Rhonda came several spin off characters : Ricki the rock chick, Milandra the dungeon mistress, Cherry (as in "pop the") the 80's good girl (based on Kylie minogue and Olivia newton john), Janessa - the 80's bad girl (based on Madonna and Cher).  Maybe one day you can meet them

Aug. 21st, 2007

Good Times Bad Times

Moved into our flat sunday - Good Times

Had to trek 5 car trips and then unpack - Bad Times

Love the place and its situation - Good Times

Have a bastard cold/cough - Bad Times

Get an easier bus route - Good Times

Working 1-9pm - Bad Times

Finally have a house with the hubby - Priceless!

There are some things that fuck us about, for everything else there's Mastercard, failing that a flaming homosexual husband isn't a far cry away


Jun. 3rd, 2007


Ok.  ATTENTION, all those who have large knowledge of 80's music, and or who are Filipino.


So, I was watching Philippine Idol (I know its old old new now) and noticed the played a song for the womens semi finals and the final 12 (usually the results show) where they sang a sort-orf 80's rock song titled quote, unquote "Larger Than Life"

Here, have a tube.

I loved the song (plus the complete cheese that came with it i.e dance stances and subtle bitch vocal competitiveness) but the song has practically fallen off the face of the earth.

I cannot find it anywhere, nobody in youtube knows who sings it, the lyrics wont show up on search engines, and the official website havent even named the song : 

the girls sang a lively and engaging production number to the tune of “Tonight... tonight’s gonna be like no other night...”

Both me and Aldwyn have been struck down by musical deities refusing to share info, and I've always found the song eventully but this one rocks my world its as if it doesnt exist except on this show, I wondered if maybe it was sang by a pinoy group hence nobody knowing it over here.. but it was used at least twice on the show so it must be a memorable song right?

OMG this so sonds like a missing person ad - please help us find song, answers to the name of Larger than life,  description - hari metal synth type song very catchy and camp lyrics.

Anyone have a clue?

Jan. 30th, 2007

What an anti climax :(

    Yes Yes I know I was having my hair short and brown only .. I didnt.

Well its certainly much shorter but my fab Norwegian Stylist Celia did nothing but praise how beautiful my hair was, how well layered it was and how all the blondes give a great effect, she told me short hair isnt for me, and this look suits me the best (as I was told numerous times by other stylists) she seemed really REALLY good at making me feel fab and that everything I've done with my hair so far was the right thing to do, after explaining my skin is too fair for a dark colour I decided to stay blonde.. I finally feel convinced I am and will always be a blondie!

So.. I havent had any proper pics taken since November and my hair was past shoulder length, so you guys probably wont notice the difference like I do, but here y'are piccies!!!

Draco Malfoy eat your heart out! Lol!

And for those of you who notice .. yes I took photos in the bog! I am class without a doubt.

Wha-cha fink?

Jan. 11th, 2007

My Parents and THEIR money.

I'm seeing Kylie tomorro, but I've got a massive mancunian venture for it (3 hours) and I have work the next day.. the good thing is my folks have yet again decided 6 weeks is far to long to spend home in the UK and are once again off to india (Goa) for 3 weeks, then Greece for my fathers 50th in June and Mexico in September.. I hope to one day enjoy their jetsetting lifestyle without financial worries.. I mean they've paid off their mortgage so i basically have a house waiting for me god forbid my parents should bite the bullet, but It astounds me how different our worlds are.  People assume because my folks are "healthy" financially and by no means rich, that I myself am loaded.. HA!  I wish, I learned the value of money at a very early age, just as my parents did, its made me never to ask my parents for money and my parents dont particularly like it, well when it suits them.  When they offer as a treat or to buy things I cant afford (rarely such a generous offer occurs) I always decline because in some sick way I dont want my parents to have a hold on me financially, so if anything goes wrong in my life I dont owe them anything and all the responsibility lands on me, I want to be independant which as proud as they are of me, they take it bitterly at times because they want a little bit of control left over my life, and they;re not getting it hehe.  Now they;re looking for a Holiday home in Cyprus, and already planning my Mums 50th to be in Sri Lanka or Thailand as opposed to the usual Cuba, Brazil or Dominican republic.  All places I've never been to but would love to go, yet I see the photos are nothing but a holiday spent on the beach soaking up rays which you can do tons of places.. seems like a waste and ignorance of culture. 

I've never been lucky enough to go anywhere out of Europe save China once.  I envy my parents for a different life lived than mine, where you can extend the house or garden, buy a hot tub, 42" plasma TV or a sports car.  I am very lucky to be financially secure, but I am a world away from their lifestyle, I hope one day I'll share it and make better use of it, my parents deserve it as they work very hard but I know I'll use it wisely.  I remember when I first came to Bristol and stayed at Dwyns the first few times I helped out in the kitchen or washed up Papa Fernandez would say "You are not used to this?" and I wouldn't be able to comprehend as of course I'm used to housework not knowing he had staff do it when younger "Time to take the silver spoon out of your mouth eh?" he joked.  I was dumbfounded lol, he suspected I even had my own Horse and I would be some kind of "Senorito" I was a little offended but I understand the differences between class and status here than of the Phils, Dwyns folks told me if they moved to the Phils they'd be like Super Rich Status.  I shook my head hoping he'd never tell my folks that, they're uncomfortable having their own chauffeur in India let alone a house staff etc. 

My parents are grounded and careful with their money..  But jesus I get jealous sometimes hehe.  In the months to come it was reassuring to here Papa tell me "You're not at all how I thought someone like you should be" and that made me glad.  Glad that no matter how I'm percieved in UK terms I'm not even High Class.. middle if anything.  But to Papa F, I was heir to the moolah, something that made us both learn a lesson that not everything is as it seems, we learned cultural values form each other that has striven to ensure all of us keep a healthy and more importantly happy family existence.  Nowadays I'm told "Daz your turn to do the dishes, we cooked."   And Dwyn and I get to work, just like its become a normality, my shit stinks like everyone elses and thats how I prefer it.  Dwyns never seen me anything more than all I am, I think thats why I'm so lucky, just to have at least one person know who you are without false pretences or stereotypical first impressions, and for that I'm very grateful.

Dec. 2nd, 2006

You know what to do.

I'm ill, post sympathy comments and well wishes here.

If you don't, I'm likely to hunt and kill you, then kill myself and frame your closest relative for my death and yours.


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