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Soooo.. is LJ over now?

 It just occured to me, um nobody (save 1 or 2 in my friends list) update LJ regularly anymore

Me included

Awww.. LJ's over now isn't it?

We've all moved on to facebook and twitter and whatnot, and they'll soon be going from A-list to C-list like Myspace or Friendster

That's life and we're all guilty of it but I have very very fond memories of when this was THE hotspot, to get everything off your chest (and in my own personal story meet the love of my life and marry him)

I've met some wonderful people here, granted most are Filipino (the English don't really vent via the written word they just tend to moan a lot)

Most of whom I'm still very much in touch with either internetedly or otherwise.  I've thoroughly enjoyed reading all your posts, Pinoys tend to command the English language in such a way that they can make every word shine brighter, mainly due to using correct grammar (we NEVER got taught grammar in school.. I never thought it was uncommon 'til people with English as a second language seemed to write better)  Not slamming my fellow Brits.. we have some great writers, I'm not one of them.. I mean I write as I speak but thats the point of a journal, people told me they imagine me speaking what I say cos its exactly how I would, so its less like reading.. I take it as a compliment.

So this isnt goodbye LJ, I will still update the odd time, you're still on my bookmarks, don't fret.

But yeah, no one was saying it so with a heavy heart...


Miss ya xoxo



I've moved over to blogspot. A lot of people on my list do update though.
Don't leave us!

you know you can set up an rss in facebook so any post you make here ends up there as well... just so you keep the faith!