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What an anti climax :(

    Yes Yes I know I was having my hair short and brown only .. I didnt.

Well its certainly much shorter but my fab Norwegian Stylist Celia did nothing but praise how beautiful my hair was, how well layered it was and how all the blondes give a great effect, she told me short hair isnt for me, and this look suits me the best (as I was told numerous times by other stylists) she seemed really REALLY good at making me feel fab and that everything I've done with my hair so far was the right thing to do, after explaining my skin is too fair for a dark colour I decided to stay blonde.. I finally feel convinced I am and will always be a blondie!

So.. I havent had any proper pics taken since November and my hair was past shoulder length, so you guys probably wont notice the difference like I do, but here y'are piccies!!!

Draco Malfoy eat your heart out! Lol!

And for those of you who notice .. yes I took photos in the bog! I am class without a doubt.

Wha-cha fink?


Pink roses in da loo.... :)

Ay nakow, no brown pala.... pero still looks berry kakuii!
Thank you! I was disappointed it didnt go brown too, but I saw what i[d look like, and really My cuteness factor withers unsightly so. lol hope baby daz/kylie is doin ok
The bebe is doing fine :)

Except that it's craving for peanut butter at the moment which is not good because I"m not supposed to have any. Ech