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You know what to do.

I'm ill, post sympathy comments and well wishes here.

If you don't, I'm likely to hunt and kill you, then kill myself and frame your closest relative for my death and yours.



Yea I stopped watching after the first non-jeff ep. And the new guy was Welsh too, what a poor impression he made on me. I havent played BB in like forever since my hoop got taken down in my back yard (BB is so scarce in the UK our school team lasted one term) this is purely pinoy rivalry.
I was forced to actually participate in a game back when I was in grade school. 5 seconds in, I got a rebound and a brutal technical. They didn't force me to play any more after that. Wild thang. Come to think of it, I could've gotten a Grade School Musical moment right there. Only kind of in reverse. Resident singer turns bball player. Whatever.