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Escapades Of A Rebellious Conformist

Dazzle Sparkle Shimmer 'n Shine Bitches

14 July 1985
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  • Lliswerry School - Newport, Wales - Newport (Casnewydd), United Kingdom (1996 - 2003)
Dear Mr Man

I am a male Cancerian Homosexual Caucasian Welsh-Spanish-British-European Homosapien, I enjoy my food, my music and my friends, My lifestyle is pretty good and I have few quarrels with God, I don;t believe in organised religion and I shoot rapists (of all ethnicities as I am not prejudiced) with AK45's on the weekends, apart from that I'm serene, tranquil and lazy. I dream of meeting Tina Turner and Basking in her glory of having the best legs everrr. I smell, hence my nose. I see, hence my eyes, I touch, hence my fingers, I feel hence my e-mow-shuns, I taste..damn good. I sing the song of the ultramarine perokeet, I walk the walk of the golden lion tamarin, and dance the dance of the finless porpoise, I float on a cloud and wake on a whim, I grieve for misjustice, I celebrate for peace..and the new ricky martin video, I flutter, I flee like all fairies do. I dazzle with my golden locks, i amaze with my big long.. tongue -which is pierced and I use to full advantage. I am witty, funny, smart intelligent, thus consequentially delooooded. But What I am.. is Happy.

I am..Unique.

End - god thats so goth.. oh wait

I want to die. - there, now its goth


P.S I've gone Friends only, message me if u wanna be added, with a pledge of allegiance to hate Dido :D