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Sep. 20th, 2006


Had my consultation but my op was put back to October 4th Goddamit!!

However, I'm sure I'll find something else to look forward to in the next few days *ho-hum* ;-)

Sep. 19th, 2006

(no subject)

I'd be lying if I said I wasnt nervous about tomorrow, I mean this surgery I'm going to undergo will change my life.

I am glad I'm having it, its one of the only parts of my body I'm not too happy with, but even though the chance of something going wrong is slim...

Anyways after recovery I should look a lot different than how I use to look. 

I'm excited, and hope the pain is minimal :-S

Its gonna be worth it :) Ciao!

Sep. 4th, 2006

Shallow Observation.


Ok so, right, um Hiya!  I've developed a penchant (throughout my whole life) to being shallow a cause de mon visual needs.  What I mean is when I watch movies, I like it simple, funny and low on serious drama.  I love deep serious films, and y'know I will watch them for what they are about.  Other than that I just do not feel serious films entertain me in the way I like to be entertained, I'm low on emo high in fun and its a ditzy way to live.  Ok I didnt see Amistad or 9/11 or bloody Munich.  I find those films emotionally draining and leave me feeling depressed, I choose not to watch them, though I respect and pay attention to its themes, I'm not repressing them nor ignoring them, I know what happened, I just dont want the drama as entertainment.

So, I've been downloading movies because I am very bored when not working.  I thought I'd share a few of my latest discoveries as well as a few classics I hold to my heart lol.  I am a slow mover, some films I've never watched just because I've not been in the mood despite the rest of the world watching them, so none of you gimme that "Its ancient and we're all over it" attitude lest you die by my hands and pissed on.

(Not by me, I'll get some homeless person to pee on you.  I'll pay him, thereby righting wrongs and triumphing over evil..

..and that means you)

Lets start shall we?


Aug. 25th, 2006

I should Be So Lucky! Lucky Lucky Lucky!

so I was walking down the street and saw a piece of lint on the floor so I bent down to pick it up and th..

Oh who am I kidding!



I'm so gay.

Aug. 10th, 2006

If I Never Knew You

If I never knew you
If I never felt this love
I would have no inkling of
How precious life can be

And if I never held you
I would never have a clue
How at last I'd find in you
The missing part of me

In this world so full of fear
Full of rage and lies
I can see the truth so clear
In your eyes

So dry your eyes

And I'm so grateful to you
I'd have lived my whole life through
Lost forever
If I never knew you

If I never knew you
I'd be safe but half as real
Never knowing I could feel
A love so strong and true

I thought our love would be so beautiful
Somehow we made the whole world bright
I thought our love would be so beautiful
We'd turn the darkness into light

I never knew that fear and hate could be so strong
All they'd leave us were these whispers in the night

But still my heart is singing
We were right

There's no moment I regret
Since the moment that we met
If our time has gone too fast

I've lived at last

And If I never knew you
I'd have lived my whole life through
Empty as the sky,
Never knowing why

Lost forever..

..If I never knew you

A year ago today my heart set out on a journey, one that began curious and unexpecting,
I can conlude that my hearts journey led me down the right path.

To you Aldwyn Fernandez.

Maraming salamat, aking sinta, iniibig kita. I'm the luckiest man alive with you at my side,

Higugmaon ko ikaw sa kanunay, hangtud sa hangtud.

Happy Anniversary Baby <3 xXx

Aug. 6th, 2006

A Lesbian Story.

Cherysh and Ebnay strolled along the white beach of BlancaPlaya, Cherysh brushed her hand against her fellow friend looking into Ebnays eyes for a brief glint of attraction.  This was to no avail, shuffled her feet in the sand to make a foundation, it was "her spot" and she wasn't walking any more.  It took Ebnay a while to notice Cherysh was sitting, Ebnay was lost in her thoughts, shy , quiet and timid - the way Cherysh liked her women.  Turning around embarrassed as she began to talk to Cherysh, realising she wasn't there, proceeded back to where her friend lay.  Cherysh lay with her eyes shut, hands running between her legs slowly stroking the fabric of her Red satin dress.  Cherysh was a dream, a blonde goddess with subtle pink lips and long hair that kinked and curled all the way down to her waist, she was young and pretty, any other 24yr old would envy to be her.  But not Ebnay, she just listened to her when a new girl was nailed, when Cherysh couldnt get the right colour handbag, or the correct breed of dog to fit in it.  Sure, Ebnay knew Cherysh was a typical blonde in every fashion, but she'd also seen a softer side to her.  As Cherysh body trembled as the sunset breese cast upon her thin dress Ebnay caught a glimpse of Cherysh's breasts, her nipples appeared like little chocolate kisses.

Ebnay caught her breath and Cherysh opened her eyes, she sweetly smiled at her friend but said nothing, as much as Cherysh was the "dykebike" the one woman she couldnt have was who she loved the most.  Ebnay had no experience with women, she was very open minded and had a handful of boyfriends, her mocha skin and chocolate brown eyes tempted many a man, but Ebnay wanted love, not "fucking" and although she had loved the last boyfriend, she once again drove him away with her patience to "wait" for the right moment to make love.  Cherysh loved they were often mistook for a couple but hid her feelings from Ebnay in an array of double entendres and a long list of ladies who wanted nothing more than to caress those "chocolate kisses" of hers.  This evening was different, dusk had always made an effect on Ebnay, she felt it was a soothing moment, when the sun went down and all was quiet, the sky turns a peaceful Indigo waiting for the moons reflection to surf upon those tiny waves as they tickled at her feet.  Ebnay couldn't find words to describe how she felt, he stomach began to jump and her eyes widened, her lips dried and suddenly swallowing was a feat in itself.  Cherysh was beautiful, but Ebnay had the inner beauty and calming soul that would make these two women "destined for companionship". 

Ebnay kneeled down in the sand, putting her hand gently on Cherysh's ankle, stroking further up her leg and clutching her top with her other hand, the sweat glistened between her cleavage as Ebnays animalistic desire was to tear off her friends dress.  Cherysh made no opposing gestures as Ebnays hand went up further and touched her own hand that was making soft circles around her increasingly moist clit, her hand guided Ebnays who uttered a small sigh as she played with Cherysh, her body temperature rising, heart bursting out of her chest.. she delicately parted Cherysh's V line of her dress to expose her ripe breast.  Cherysh let out a satisfying moan as Ebnay licked the peak of the mountain, her chance finally came to taste that chocolate kiss.  Seeing her dream come true Cherysh cupped her hand around Ebnays own breast, it was firm and untouched, almost as if she was virgin flesh, she tilted her friends chin upwards to catch the spark in her eyes, and the spark was there, Ebnay was still the shy girl she always was, her eyes asked Cherysh's permission to go further, and as she leaned in closer to her friend, their lips gently touched one anothers, with minimum pressure.  As if it came naturally Ebnay slipped her tongue inside her friends mouth to both of their suprise, and Cherysh hesitated for a moment, knowing that things were not going to be as they were from this moment on.  Cherysh closed her eyes and let her dusky beauty give her the chocolate kiss that <i>she</i> always longed for..

Ok I so just wrote that spur of the moment, a teaser to a book of erotic love stories I plan to write hahaha what ya think?


So as of last post I left my job thursday to persue "new job of lifetime"


Friday I return home from "new" work kinda confused, it seems I'm self employed, It seems my colleagues might possibly have been stepford children, it seems

that the company I went to work for are cheating me out of money for long hours and take all the benefits, after research later that night on the company (as viewed by the people not their organisation websites) I find out its possibly the most deceitful shitty company to work for where you are a pawn !

I shall never work for marketing, ever.

So Saturday morning, I go back to my old job re-telling people "no I havent left" and eating humble pie after learning a hard but valuble lesson about work ethics.  I appreciated the job much more ( I was able to withdraw my resignation in time to keep all my benefits i.e staff discount and shares) so I think I'm back to square one when I get the offer to be trained in a management scheme.  My boss fully endorses to train me to become a team leader then section manager, the hours are better and I know the people.  I said yes because I'd be earning more than I would at THAT company, still pissed I fell for their indoctination tactics.

So I do in a way have a new job, I'm progressing in my previous job and that suits me fine.

Throughout this time I've had a great chance to get things off my chest, I feel lighter better and though yesterday it seemed like the shit hit the fan big style, I have picked myself up and am better off in my position now.

Things happen for a reason, God just has to be a bitch about it sometimes.

Too many fucking times for my liking but what can ya do..

You fight, and have faith. Thats what you do.

Jul. 22nd, 2006

(no subject)

Went to london.

Had a fantastic time.

Got a job in Cardiff.. for progressive Global training (marketing, advertisement and management training company)  beat 35 applicants some of which had marketing and mathematics degrees.  I had nothing. HA! I am so fabulous.

Lesson Learned - Personality and determination mean more than a qualification sometimes.

And if you're potential colleagues like gay guys, play that card all the way to Mardis Gras ;)

Jul. 14th, 2006

Spare a thought ;)

Today is my birthday.

I am 21!

I shall endeavour to STAY 21 for-evarr!

Comment and greet me (or face the dire consequences)

Just a request not a dictation.

this request must be obeyed or I shall rape and pillage your village.  Hur hur, pillage the village, I rhymed.

seriously, I want a fucking message. XD

Mar. 10th, 2004


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