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August 2009

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8 Random Things about Me

 I'm not sure whether to put normal things in the list cos I'm too random.  Ah well.

1.  I pee in sinks.  Seriously if I've been to your house, I have definitely peed in your sink, some kind of urinal thing I developed about 7 yrs ago, but fear not I always rinse and never do a doody.

2.  I used to be quiet, I really did, it was between years 2 and 3 of primary school (ages 10-11) I realised I was funny and quirky, and I became comfortable in myself knowing that - that was my thing - the random guy.

3.  I lie compulsively about little insignificant things in order to build my life up to be a little bit more glam than what it really is.  i.e I can speak fluent spanish - no I cant, my spanish is B-grade at best but still, with my dad half spanish I felt I SHOULD be able to, so I stuck to it.

4.  I still even now imagine I have super powers - subtle things like flicking my finger and making a quiet woosh noise and in my mind I've actually made a car explode.

5.  I am a bit of a precog, I have a horrible habit of saying things on a whim only for them to happen several days/hours later.  I remember when I didnt want to go out with my friend, so I made up a lie that my dad was in hospital because he hurt his hand.  2 weeks later, dad DID have an accident, and lost 2 fingers and half a thumb, he spent 7 months in a hospital bed .. and yeah I still kinda feel like I'm to blame.

6.  Me and dwyn play several games together, ones relationship isnt fulfilled unless you play "Don't tickle the dead", "Its MY noo-noo" and the infamous "Come under the covers, I'm cold."

7.  I have a humongous Tina Turner obsession that is the worst kept secret.  4 yrs ago every single toast I've made since then has always been first and foremost, to Tina. 

8.  I did have an alter ego.  Back in the day me and my mates would dress up in drag and become "SlutStarS" consisting of Miffy, Brenda and myself (Rhonda), this was back when I was "straight" and my only gay outlet, weirdly enough those who knew Rhonda were shocked to hear I was Gay.  Since I came Out Rhonda's only seen the light of day like 2wice on super special occasions, I figure once I came out I didnt need her anymopre so I tell people she's in a diabetic coma until I get my own show.  Out of Rhonda came several spin off characters : Ricki the rock chick, Milandra the dungeon mistress, Cherry (as in "pop the") the 80's good girl (based on Kylie minogue and Olivia newton john), Janessa - the 80's bad girl (based on Madonna and Cher).  Maybe one day you can meet them


Seriously if I've been to your house, I have definitely peed in your sink

The glass sink at our old flat??????????????????????

Dammit you ruined my consistency, although it was tempting even on tiptoes I couldnt, dont worry dear your sink was safe, feel proud.
even on tiptoes I couldnt


You really should have, actually. We HATED that sink anyway.
LOL! I'll do justice in your name for every glass sink I find :p
I know about you and tina turner you freak. And I am so not letting you stay at our place here hah! dirty whore!!

Did I tell you I'm a pre cog too??

You're the first one to do this meme hehehe good boy
it was an interesting meme Kay, had to do it for my girl!
btw, they took out torchwood in oz, stupid networks! should i do a veronica mars letter again? ;)
YOU KID right??

we'll just buy the dvds na lang, the first one is already out anyway.
if you ever come to Canada, you are not staying here! lol
seems like everyones hung up on this peeing in the sink thing.. hmm.

Re: oi vey

Kitchen sinks no, just bathrooms, one has to have some standards doncha think?
Actually, fresh urine is cleaner than saliva. (And perhaps even tastier!)
I swear we were born from the same ovaries. I still keep mama's in a jar, do you have the other one?
Yes'm. Have it safe and sound in a crystal locket I wear round my neck.
gettin mine spliced and "bling"ed up for use as earrings in an upcoming bollywod movie.
you're scary. :c

You love it.

Srsly you so do.
don't be fooled, hun. :p
Eeee! I want to dress up in drag!
Lol thats something I;d LOVE to see.
Tcha. I can't fit into sexy clothes yet but when I do, I suhweaaaaar.


Oh oh oh, and is it fun to wear heels?

Re: do...can...fit?

It works your legs for sure.. fun?? Watching yourself walk in them is by far the most I've ever laughed at myself.

Re: do...can...fit?

Worried about cankles though. Fack.
you left out one thing dazzler.

you are a Dido lover.

you have my full permission to throw yourself off a cliff for that comment Bryannah!! I'm so disappointed! :p
nothing to be disappointed with something that is true, right?

I'm sorry, there are no cliffs around my area. I can't do you that favor. :D
Bryan why do you hurt me?

Some sick fetish huh?

Bring about the D word so Daz bleeds internally with fear and hatred?

I'll only ever smile to dido when I shit on her coffin. :p
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sure, I'll try my best, how can I help?
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