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August 2009

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Ok.  ATTENTION, all those who have large knowledge of 80's music, and or who are Filipino.


So, I was watching Philippine Idol (I know its old old new now) and noticed the played a song for the womens semi finals and the final 12 (usually the results show) where they sang a sort-orf 80's rock song titled quote, unquote "Larger Than Life"

Here, have a tube.

I loved the song (plus the complete cheese that came with it i.e dance stances and subtle bitch vocal competitiveness) but the song has practically fallen off the face of the earth.

I cannot find it anywhere, nobody in youtube knows who sings it, the lyrics wont show up on search engines, and the official website havent even named the song : 

the girls sang a lively and engaging production number to the tune of “Tonight... tonight’s gonna be like no other night...”

Both me and Aldwyn have been struck down by musical deities refusing to share info, and I've always found the song eventully but this one rocks my world its as if it doesnt exist except on this show, I wondered if maybe it was sang by a pinoy group hence nobody knowing it over here.. but it was used at least twice on the show so it must be a memorable song right?

OMG this so sonds like a missing person ad - please help us find song, answers to the name of Larger than life,  description - hari metal synth type song very catchy and camp lyrics.

Anyone have a clue?


No bloody idea mate, sorry :) goodluck with this mission!
No probs - your sentence is death.

:P death by poo poo!
The only song I know called larger than life is by the backstreet boys.
well I'm a little disappointed you don't know the Kiss song larger than life, or the HIM cover of BSB, but you are forgiven my childe. Hows everythang?
Everythang is just dandy, bumped into your hubby earlier and he tells me you're escaping the hell hole! Such a good feeling :)
I will ask my friend Suey who's one of the girls who performed in that vid!
oh yeah thats right Suey Medina, I was checking some of her performances on Youtube bless her (tell her she rawks) if you ever get the chance to ask please please do, make it your number one priority I WILL NOT have you procrastinating with "giving birth" as number one priority its just selfish. :p xx
hey! kamusta na ang mag-asawa? miss you guys!

Tedo! We're ok lang, everything is peachy :) miss you too!
they have PINOY IDOL now on GMA PINOY TV