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August 2009

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My Parents and THEIR money.

I'm seeing Kylie tomorro, but I've got a massive mancunian venture for it (3 hours) and I have work the next day.. the good thing is my folks have yet again decided 6 weeks is far to long to spend home in the UK and are once again off to india (Goa) for 3 weeks, then Greece for my fathers 50th in June and Mexico in September.. I hope to one day enjoy their jetsetting lifestyle without financial worries.. I mean they've paid off their mortgage so i basically have a house waiting for me god forbid my parents should bite the bullet, but It astounds me how different our worlds are.  People assume because my folks are "healthy" financially and by no means rich, that I myself am loaded.. HA!  I wish, I learned the value of money at a very early age, just as my parents did, its made me never to ask my parents for money and my parents dont particularly like it, well when it suits them.  When they offer as a treat or to buy things I cant afford (rarely such a generous offer occurs) I always decline because in some sick way I dont want my parents to have a hold on me financially, so if anything goes wrong in my life I dont owe them anything and all the responsibility lands on me, I want to be independant which as proud as they are of me, they take it bitterly at times because they want a little bit of control left over my life, and they;re not getting it hehe.  Now they;re looking for a Holiday home in Cyprus, and already planning my Mums 50th to be in Sri Lanka or Thailand as opposed to the usual Cuba, Brazil or Dominican republic.  All places I've never been to but would love to go, yet I see the photos are nothing but a holiday spent on the beach soaking up rays which you can do tons of places.. seems like a waste and ignorance of culture. 

I've never been lucky enough to go anywhere out of Europe save China once.  I envy my parents for a different life lived than mine, where you can extend the house or garden, buy a hot tub, 42" plasma TV or a sports car.  I am very lucky to be financially secure, but I am a world away from their lifestyle, I hope one day I'll share it and make better use of it, my parents deserve it as they work very hard but I know I'll use it wisely.  I remember when I first came to Bristol and stayed at Dwyns the first few times I helped out in the kitchen or washed up Papa Fernandez would say "You are not used to this?" and I wouldn't be able to comprehend as of course I'm used to housework not knowing he had staff do it when younger "Time to take the silver spoon out of your mouth eh?" he joked.  I was dumbfounded lol, he suspected I even had my own Horse and I would be some kind of "Senorito" I was a little offended but I understand the differences between class and status here than of the Phils, Dwyns folks told me if they moved to the Phils they'd be like Super Rich Status.  I shook my head hoping he'd never tell my folks that, they're uncomfortable having their own chauffeur in India let alone a house staff etc. 

My parents are grounded and careful with their money..  But jesus I get jealous sometimes hehe.  In the months to come it was reassuring to here Papa tell me "You're not at all how I thought someone like you should be" and that made me glad.  Glad that no matter how I'm percieved in UK terms I'm not even High Class.. middle if anything.  But to Papa F, I was heir to the moolah, something that made us both learn a lesson that not everything is as it seems, we learned cultural values form each other that has striven to ensure all of us keep a healthy and more importantly happy family existence.  Nowadays I'm told "Daz your turn to do the dishes, we cooked."   And Dwyn and I get to work, just like its become a normality, my shit stinks like everyone elses and thats how I prefer it.  Dwyns never seen me anything more than all I am, I think thats why I'm so lucky, just to have at least one person know who you are without false pretences or stereotypical first impressions, and for that I'm very grateful.


Made me smile, this one :)

Have fun at the Kylie concert tomorrow!
You can bet on a gayest post on earth about it lol
watch out for the showering foursome on stage at kylie hehehe, really hot!

señorito eh? ;) I grew up with at least one housemaid, as a kid we had two helpers so I never really did housechores or cooked till I was in singapore (at 21). even until now, justin has to teach me how to do some things in the house "properly", he's been house choring since he was a kid! it's always good to be able to admit to your partner that you don't know how to iron clothes (or clean a fish) :p
Uk and Australia = child labour lol

Clean a fish? THATs a new one!

p.s is that icon Justin and Kristyn? I love it
you dont know how to clean a fish woman??!!! :p

yep, made that icon ages ago, we're jkl (mnopqrstuv... hehehe)
Officially the lamest joke ever! ut I did laugh so that just shows how lame I am hehe
Wonderful post. It's nice that you are learning bits and peices of Pinoy culture. Filipino parents would gladly give anything to their kids, to the extent of spoiling them. And for some kids, it would be difficult for them to leave their parents even when they are already married or financially stable.

there are so many things to learn about the pinoy lifestyle. the good and the bad.

and you should be excited when you visit Cebu on 2008. Total emmersion.
Its great being Pinoy by affinity lol. I do like total emmersion Bryan ;)


all over my face! :p