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You know what to do.

I'm ill, post sympathy comments and well wishes here.

If you don't, I'm likely to hunt and kill you, then kill myself and frame your closest relative for my death and yours.



Aww. I really hope you don't die get well soon. Oh, oh, and I finally watched Confetti the other day. If you told me about the nudist couple, I would've gotten a hold of a copy a lot faster. And because you're british and probably the only person I know who knows about it anyway, I facking love Coupling.
OMG Coupling yeah I was a fan of that too! The USA version pales in comparison, especially with a weirdo like Jeff! Confetti is so funny and completely improvised. Thanks for the sympathy, you are spared from the massacre of Moi. P,S I am liek Pinoy by affinity I swear I am liek so filipino now, I've even been invited to be the only whitey on a basketball team!
I stopped watching two episodes into Jeff not being there anymore. I hated the new guy. Did Jeff ever come back?

Wait, you play basketball? Liek, dyke. :P
Yea I stopped watching after the first non-jeff ep. And the new guy was Welsh too, what a poor impression he made on me. I havent played BB in like forever since my hoop got taken down in my back yard (BB is so scarce in the UK our school team lasted one term) this is purely pinoy rivalry.
I was forced to actually participate in a game back when I was in grade school. 5 seconds in, I got a rebound and a brutal technical. They didn't force me to play any more after that. Wild thang. Come to think of it, I could've gotten a Grade School Musical moment right there. Only kind of in reverse. Resident singer turns bball player. Whatever.
awww poor baby aww ;) is that sympathetic enough or just pathetic? ;)

get well soon whore!
That will suffice Ms Maslog-Levis. You shall live to see granchildren, maybe not yours but grandchildren nonetheless. :P

yes because you will have tiny children who will bear you tiny grandchildren and they will all be coming out of your tiny penis hole hahahaha :p (boy, that would be painful!)
Oh christ KK that unlocks all kinds of sick images :p
hehehe why thank you ;)
You hypochondriac you.

(Get well soon lover!)
Ta luvvie, I am not a Hypochondriac! I am dealing with real paine here

I HAVE A COUGH! thank you very much, and the sniffles.
Get well soon! I mean not too soon cus you still wanna milk the sympathy which reminds me how come you never posted a get well message when I was sick hmm? :P
Lesbians get what they deserve!

JOKE! :P get well soon in advance ;) and hun, if you want sympathy be a diva and ask for it, I do! :D
"He's got a knife!!!" *runs for the hills*

Get well soon, love or i'll spank you. :P
I'd resist getting better just for that spank ;)
you'll get more than a spank if you get well soon. *wink*
well i am not going to post sympathy comments and well wishes here.
Suck it up,being ill,is just part of life,and if you can get to a computer to post this,you seem fine to me.